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2011 Confederate Heritage Month News Coverage

The following is a list of 2011 Confederate Heritage Month News Coverage that have been received and reported to the Committee. We will list all received and if a copy is provided will post the Article. Please send Proclamations and News Coverage info to (coming soon).

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Day - 7 Confederate Heritage Month Minute

Like the American soldier who is doing his duty, today, in Iraq and around the world, so did the legendary Sam Davis. Sam Davis, born on 1845 in Smyrna, Tennessee, is called the boy Hero of the Confederacy. He served as a private in the 1st Tennessee Infantry under Captain Coleman. Coleman s scouts gathered information about Union Forces moving from middle Tennessee toward Chattanooga.

Day - 8 Confederate Heritage Month Minute

Confederate Brigadier General Augustus Kirk Zollicoffer of Kentucky (1812-1862) was a descendant of a family from Altinklingen in Switzerland (Castle Maerstetten in Kanton Thargau.) General Zollicoffer was killed at the Battle of Mill Springs in 1862 during the War Between the States.

Day - 6 Confederate Heritage Month Minute

By age 21 Belle Boyd had been arrested 7 times and imprisoned twice by the federals. Even when she was serving time in Washington, D.C. at Old Capitol Prison she still found a way to get messages of vital information to the Confederates. She was sent twice back to her lines and told to stay away, however, in 1863 she accepted a mission to take diplomatic dispatches to England for President Jefferson Davis.

SCV plans memorial service - April 9

ALBANY, Ga. — In observance of Confederate History and Heritage Month in the state of Georgia, the Albany-based Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 141 will hold a memorial service at the Confederate Memorial Park on Philema Road Saturday.

Day - 3 Confederate Heritage Month Minute

As Chaplain of the 10th Tennessee Regiment he courageously and unselfishly ministered to the spiritual needs of his Confederate comrades, both under fire and behind the lines. He died while giving the Last Rites to his Commanding Officer, Colonel William Grace. He also ministered to the men of the 4th Kentucky Regiment (the Orphan Brigade) CSA.

Day - 4 Confederate Heritage Month Minute

n Richmond, Virginia there is a cemetery to the brave war dead. It is called the only Jewish military cemetery in the world outside the state of Israel. The cemetery is located at Richmond s Shockroe Hill. Here lies the remains of Jewish soldiers who fought for the Confederacy.

Day - 5 Confederate Heritage Month Minute

General Stand Watie was the highest ranking Native American serving on either side of the War Between the States. Watie was born at Oothcaloga in the Cherokee Nation of Georgia, near Rome, Georgia, on December 12, 1806. His Cherokee name was De-ga-ta-ga, which means, "He Stands."

Day - 2 Confederate Heritage Month Minute

In Mississippi on February 1, 1890, an appropriation for a monument to the Confederate dead was being considered. A delegate had just spoken against the bill, when John F. Harris, a Black Republican delegate from Washington, county, rose to speak

Confederate History Month in Dixie

April is a time to remember the men and women of the Confederacy and those who kept their memory eternal; like Ms. Mildred Lewis Rutherford who almost a century ago served as Historian-General of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. She was a respected teacher, writer, speaker and defender of the true history of the War Between the States. Ms. Rutherford also wrote a monthly newsletter from 1923 to 1926 entitled “Miss Rutherford’s scrapbook” and in 1920 wrote the book “Truths of History.”

Cumming Mayor Proclaims April Confederate History and Heritage Month

During Tuesday night’s Cumming City Council meeting Mayor H. Ford Gravitt proclaimed April as Confederate History and Heritage Month in the City of Cumming. Following the reading of the proclamation, several members of the Daughters of the Confederacy and Sons of Confederate Veterans of Georgia were acknowledged

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