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Confederate Heritage Month! 
provided by the:
Georgia Division of The Sons of Confederate Veterans

Confederate History and Heritage Month Committee


Sample Confederate History and Heritage Month Proclamation


I sent out a letter about Confederate History and Heritage Month and have received some good response. Some people asked for a sample wording for a proclamation. I used the following for the last couple of years and will use it again this year.

You may use if you like. Ask your city or county if they would present it to you at one of their meetings.

I have received one from the Cobb County, Marietta, Georgia, Commission for last three years and this was done publicly and it was aired live on the cable TV channel of Cobb County. See sample proclamation below:

Calvin E. Johnson, Jr.,
Georgia Division,
Chairman, Confederate History and Heritage Month,
Chattahoochee Guards Camp 1639,
Sons of Confederate Veterans,
Mableton, Georgia

email Calvin at: cjohnson1861@bellsouth.net


WHEREAS: Our country is a nation of people united by a common history of individual heritage and diverse cultures and (Your) County or City is rich in history of the War Between the States; and

WHEREAS: The State of Georgia has long cherished her Confederate history and the great leaders who made sacrifices on behalf of the Confederate cause; and

WHEREAS: The Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans is dedicated to honoring on a statewide basis those who served in the Confederate States of America and educating the general public on Confederate history; and

WHEREAS: Confederate Memorial Day has long been celebrated in (Your) City or County for more than 100 hundred years; and

WHEREAS: The month of April bears special significance since it marks both the beginning and the end of the War Between the States; now

THEREFORE: We, the (Your) County or city (Board of Commissioners) do hereby proclaim April 2010 as "Confederate History and Heritage Month" in (Your) County and encourage all residents to increase their knowledge of the role played by the Confederate States of America in our country's history.


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April is Confederate History Month of Remembrance

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